Strategic Partnerships, Grants, Funding & OperationS

The Clyde Trading Trust can play an innovative role to help businesses develop and create action plans for sustainable business practices.

What are we?

The Clyde Trading Trust is a business development consultancy that drives the process of applying for and obtaining funding and technology input on behalf of its clients, and to help them grow their businesses through sound business development support.

Funding And Technology Input

We act as an intermediary between businesses that require funding and/or external input for growth, and those that provide such funding and input.

Business Development

We offer business development support, especially in the fields of risk analysis and change management, enterprise development, project management, quality management and skills development.

current projects

Some of our Clients

Why Use Us?


Our sole objective is to harness Government grants to boost your bottom line.


We are experienced and well-connected with financial advisors in the government sector to appropriately identify and source suitable government grants and private sector funding to create new or improve existing infrastructure and technology.

Dynamic Company

As a Dynamic Company, The Clyde Trading Trust is always looking for new opportunities that would benefit our clients. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your goals, to develop sustainable solutions, and to walk with you during implementation and thereafter.

Our Success

Clyde has facilitated a significant number of transactions with great Success. He has been at the forefront of deals ranging from a few hundred thousand to millions of South African rand.

Proactive Approach

We have a proactive approach to risk analysis and change management to ensure that our clients remain relevant in today’s ever-changing business and technology landscape. We contribute by identifying risk areas and opportunities for ongoing improvement.

Enterprise Development

We are proficient in enterprise development and able to advise on how to best help emerging businesses to establish, expand and improve their businesses to achieve long-term economic growth.

Strategic Partnerships, Grants, Funding & Operations

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