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Funding And Technology Input

Our team will drive the application process to obtain these necessary funds on our clients’ behalf.

Emphasis on startups and growth phase businesses is our priority and through these funds technological and infrastructural improvements are possible. Operational efficiency and future growth is guaranteed.


Business Development


Business development support is offered, especially in the field of risk analysis and change management, enterprise development, project management, quality management and skills development. While doing this, we allow for the environmental challenges that businesses might face and aim to limit the impact that businesses might have on the environment.

The Starting Point

Today’s fast-paced businesses always need extra funding – often at short notice -to clinch a new contract or to expand operations or to augment their cash flow.

In the past these funds, once approved have helped contribute to the success of many a business and elevated them to new levels of sustainability.

For many reasons financial institutions, the business sector and government have had a strong need to need to work closer together to ensure sustainability for the future. These reasons included climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and social inequality, to mention only a few. Cohesion between these three entities and the likelihood of positive change will increase significantly.

Businesses can now afford to be will equipped with skills that are required to be able to adapt, to grow and to improve the commercial and social landscape, as well as to forward think regarding their future financial commitments.

CTT can help play an innovative role here to develop and create action plans to support sustainable business practices, thereby making them financially viable and indispensable resources for the future.

Philosophy And Competence

As businesses differ, CTT will handles each project according to its own uniqueness and specific scenario.

Our strengths are:

  • Business development
  • Day-to-day operations management of businesses in order to build a profitable and investment-ready company.
  • Government sector advice
  • Private sector funding to ensure improvements in existing infrastructure and technology.
  • Strong funding management network in the private sector
  • Well versed in the process of initiating, acquiring and managing the process of venture and seed funding.
  • A proactive approach to risk analysis and change management to ensure the clients remain relevant in today’s ever-changing climate.
  • Enterprise development
  • Advisory – how to best help emerging businesses to establish, expand and improve their businesses.
  • Project management and how to initiate, plan, execute and control objectives of the organisation.
  • Proficiency in the implementation of iso9001 quality management systems.
  • A devotion to a training and skills development processes is essential to employee personal growth and that of the organization.


Our practical hands-on approach is beneficial as:

  • Knowledge and experience is transfered.
  • A visionary approach is adopted
  • Long term sustainability is promoted
  • The application process to obtain funding is simplified
  • Time management is improved
  • New leadership skills are available to employees
  • Operational systems and processes are reviewed on a more regular basis
  • Financial independence is secured
  • Self-sufficiency improves
  • Risk is reduced.

Our Methodology ensures a support approach is adopted which:

  • Assists management to achieve company objectives and goals
  • Ensures processes and procedures are implemented.
  • Results in the creation a sustainable and functional strategic management plan.
  • Ensures the correct allocation of approved funding to accelerate business growth opportunities.
  • Introduces collaborative networking opportunities for like-minded business leaders.



  • Will allows the contracts team to engage with the CFO and COO.
  • Must instruct the finance team to give the contract team full support.

Contract team:

  • Manages in conjunction with client all administrative and financial aspects pertaining to the clients funding needs
  • Reviews the applicant’s documentation – budget to quarterly financial closing.
  • Ensures compliance with regards to institutional policies ,donor requirements, financial reporting and risk management.
  • Oversees and amends agreements and contracts accordingly.
  • Verifies, analyses and reviews the integrity of data presented.
  • Facilitates communication

Both parties

  • Must agree on the business model
  • Need to ensure the plan is measureable, projections must indicate enough revenue to service the amount loaned.
  • Deliverables must be agreed upon beforehand, clearly indicated with signed performance progress reports.
  • Analysis of clients projections will scrutinized and areas of improvement highlighted.
  • Compliance support in terms of funding agreements and grant
  • Facilitation of client documentation
  • Project management
  • Align project objective according to the client’s strategic management and sustainability plan.
  • Quality management system
  • Controlled closure.

Working conditions

Contracting team will work remotely or at the client’s premises.

Travel, four times per year per project at the client’s expense.

In Conclusion

CTT looks forward to engaging with strategic partners to obtain funding.

Above all, our involvement comes with peace of mind, knowing that these new initiatives will be implemented in unison with the day-to-day running of business without distracting from its important ongoing operational activities.


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