Kaya Ndaba

Mr. Kaya Ndaba graduated from Rhodes University with a B.Comm. degree before starting his developmental journey. He has been in the developmental finance industry since 2004 and worked for Business Partners, National Empowerment Fund (NEF) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

In these years Kaya worked closely with entrepreneurs in the development of their startup businesses and assisting in the growth of their existing business. This passion developed further when he left the IDC to join The Clyde Trading Trust (TCTT) as a partner as he wanted to directly assist entrepreneurs with their business ventures from the development of ideas though to helping them seek and secure funding.

Kaya holds an Executive MBA from Hult International Business School.

Clyde Kalp

Clyde Kalp is a self-starter, entrepreneur who has successfully over many years established and run numerous businesses of his own successfully. He is currently the CEO of Clyde Trading Trust (CTT) which was established in 2014. He has also contributed to the success of other businesses whilst employed with them in senior positions and has proven business and organisational development skills on both strategic and operational levels.

Clyde is experienced in negotiating government grants for businesses has led to building strong personal relationships with those responsible for government and private funding programmes. These include, amongst others, the DTI , IDC, Invenfin, Deloitte,Knife Capital and Business Partners. He has a proven track record of successfully obtaining project funding for infrastructure ,technology and enterprise development. He is furthermore well-connected with financial advisors in the private sector which ensures that venture and seed funding applications are smoothly facilitated.

Clyde is skilled in business and enterprise development which contributes to business sustainability. His experience in change management and risk analysis further adds to his ability to steer the organisation in the right direction while keeping the eye on the long-term goals that have to be achieved.

Above all, Clyde is attuned to the environmental challenges that the world faces. He’s not only a keen advocate for businesses to reduce their impact on the environment, but a competent facilitator to help them to achieve their goals in this regard. a